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1 Child Membership $60.00 total

Under a single child membership, the child will enter Play Central for $5 off the regular price and accompanying adults will enter for free (max 3 adults).

You could save as much as $12.50 per visit, which means that this membership will pay for itself in no time flat!

2 Child Membership $100.00 total

This product will allow two children to enter Play Central and receive a $5 discount off their entry price. It will also allow up to 3 accompanying adults to enter for free. 

This membership is transferrable among adults, but must be attached to the children listed on the membership at time of purchase. If more than two children are listed, then only the first two listed will access the discount.

3+ Child Membership $125.00 total

If you are brave enough to have 3 or more children, then we recognise that you need some time and space to relax whilst the kids run amok.

The kids must be in your family and listed on the membership form at the time you take out the membership (no footy teams allowed!)

You will save a minimum of $17.50 every time you come so it is great value for money, and a great present for a harried parent who wants some time out